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Witney Community Church: A Family for God's Glory

This Week

We find ourselves in challenging and unprecedented times. Following the Government’s guidelines, we have been praying, discussing and seeking further advice.

We have made the difficult decision to pause our gathered church meetings. This includes Life groups.

Please know that we have not taken this decision lightly, or from a place of fear, but we feel it is the right decision at this time. Your health and well-being are important to us!

This decision means we will:
  • Suspend our Sunday gatherings until further notice
  • Suspend our life groups gatherings, church prayer and family meetings
  • Suspend our gathered missional/community activities
If you do have any symptoms such as a fever or new cough, please follow the government guidelines regarding self isolating, but let your Life Group leader know so we can provide support:
As a church we want to see this as an opportunity to go deeper in our prayer life, to take time to pause and reflect and worship in families, or remotely with others.

At this time, it is important that we position ourselves well; our hope lies in Jesus. Let us all continue to pray and look for where God is at work with opportunities to love, bless, encourage, and support those in our families, church family, and the wider community, particularly the most vulnerable.